Graduation and recognition rites were held simultaneously at various Elementary and High schools at Villasis. This is the time when the graduates will reap what they sow for years, graduating with flying colors, and bringing all the honor and glory back to their parents, mentors and educators and the whole community.

As they finish their Elementary and Junior High School, their district supervisors, principals and school heads, mentors and educators expressed the joy they felt for producing brilliant students.

As Mayor Nato delivered his message to the graduates, he mentioned on his keynote speech that everyone should have an ambition that serves as a sturdy foundation for everyone to dream bigger and aim higher. He also emphasized on being grateful as the good trait to practice, once you are grateful, all the blessings will pour unconditionally to you. He also left words of encouragement not just to the completers but also to their parents and the teaching force.

On the part of the local government, Mayor Nato together with all the municipal officials, are trying their best to make the community conducive to learning and attaining his main goal to make Villasis the most livable town on the whole province of Pangasinan.