The local government unit of Villasis held a program for the 43rd Nutrition Month Celebration with its theme “Healthy Diet, Gawing Habit for Life” at the Villasis Gymnasium on July 20, 2017 initiated by the Municipal Health Office headed by the Municipal Health Officer, Dr. Gloria Liberato.

This year’s theme aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and contribute to the reduction of obesity, underweight and non-communicable diseases.

Mayor Nato and the Chairman on Health, Municipal Councilor Cheryll Tan, mentioned on their keynote speech the healthy lifestyle a pregnant woman should have, since the half of attendees were pregnant women. And they also educate the public the healthy and unhealthy diets.

The program was divided into lectures; The guest speaker, Ms. Sylwn Go mostly tackled the importance  of healthy diet of a mother mostly on the foods they eat during their pregnancy,  Municipal Sanitary Inspector, Mrs. Rosie Sales tackled about family planning; Municipal Medical Technologist, Mr. Robert Fabro talked about the Newborn Screening; District MNCHN, Ellen Maramba lectured about the maternal, newborn health care and nutrition. Ms. Jennilee Abrenica also had a lectured on the proper diet of a mother.

The sponsors for the program are Media RX Company through Ms. Christine Macaalay, Terramedic Company through Ms. Karen Macanas, Metropolitan Pharma through Ms. Rhodora Senador, Natasha District Sales through Mr. Von Villegas, the Keith and Rich Fashion Enterprise  and Yumbites.