The Villasis Town Fiesta 2018 (VTF 2018) is just a few month away and every proud resident is enthusiastic in waiting for this monumental event of our municipality.

One of the much-awaited event of VTF 2018 is the the search for Bb. Villasis 2018. Since this is held infrequently, the townspeople in every barangay are very excited as they await their respective candidates represent them with pride and honor.

With much enthusiasm, the screening of Bb. Villasis 2018 was initially held at the Conference Room of Villasis Town Hall on August 25, 2017. Twenty-three astonishly beautiful candidates from all barangays set themselves in a casual interview spearheaded by the Executive Chairman of VTF 2018, Dr. Ferdinand T. Austria; and the Chairman of Bb. Villasis 2018, Dr. Ariel M. Fernandez.

The search will be holding its “Pre-pageant Night” on December 23, 2017 where the candidates will showcase their talents and flaunt their creative formal wear. Eventually, the pageant night will be held on December 28, followed by the Coronation Night of Bb. Villasis 2018 on January 13, 2018.