In connection with the World AIDS Celebration, the Municipal Health Office headed by Dr. Gloria A. Liberato conducted HIV/AIDS Symposium with its theme, “Increasing Impact through Transparency, Accountability and Partnerships”  on December 6, 2017 at Villasis Public Auditorium.

 A total of 267 participants attended the symposium from teaching staff of Don Ramon E Costales Memorial National High School, barangay council of different barangays and Barangay Health Workers.  Twenty-six participants availed the free HIV, Hepatitis B and Syphilis test. 

The symposium aims to educate and to spread awareness to the residents of Villasis on what is HIV/AIDS, its causes, symptoms and effects and to show the latest charts on current standing of HIV/AIDS cases in the Province and Region.

Discussions on AIDS stigma and discrimination, understanding and identifying HIV: HIV Related Infections and Co- Infections, Global Epidimiology of HIV/AIDS, STDs and STIs and HIV Diagnosis and Treatment, were tackled.

Ms. Beverly Bautista, STAC Nurse at Region I Medical Center gave an overview on what is HIV/AIDS. Mr. Jaime Javillonar, Regional HIV/AIDS Coordinator, and Ms. Harriett Eunice Cox, Provincial HIV/AIDS Coordinator, showed the National, Regional, Provincial and Municipal data on HIV/AIDS and gave updates regarding HIV. Two representatives from the Red Ribbon Foundation; Mr. Danilo Asejo and Mr. Shiekh Rad Scott Advincula shared their life-changing testimony.

Mayor Nato shared current data on cases of HIV/AIDS according to age and gender and said that the symposium is very timely and relevant. He also said that he is always there to give his full-support.