The LGU Villasis employees conducted a “team-building” at the Tree Top Adventure Nature Park, Camp John Hay, Baguio City on May 19, 2017.  

Tree Top Adventure facilitators assisted the team building activities. The employees were split into five groups wherein the members of each group came from different departments. The first activity was the “Treasure Hunting” where the team needs to form the pieces of map to be able to see the bigger picture and determine the location of the treasure, the “bul-ol”; which is a carved wooden human figurine which is believed to be an “anito”, The activity requires a lot of team effort and encourages communication.

The next activity was “Team See-Saw” where members must balance themselves on top of a giamt see-saw the shortest time possible. They must figure out the right spacing that would balance the differences in their weights. This activity requires a lot of patience, leadership and communication skills.

The “Alphabet Game” isn’t the normal ABC game, what made the game unique is that the players need to recite the alphabets on a zigzag pattern and the player turned their backs to each other.  The team needs to stay focus and have a presence of mind in order to finish the alphabet relay.

The last activity was the “Pipe Line” wherein each team member gets a 12-inch pipe. The main objective is to make a ping pong ball pass through all the team member’s pipe without letting it fall into the ground. When a team member drops the ball they must have start all over again.

After the activities, a “Processing” was done by the head facilitators Bryan Gamurot and Gringo Carmelo. They tackled why team-buidings are done and what is the sole purpose of it. Team building builds trust, mitigates conflict, increase collaboration within the teams and encourages effective communication, unity and team work.

Mayor Nato also gave an inspiring message during the lecture and added “Competitiveness” to the features of a team building. He said that we should be competitive in a good way in order to render better services and sustain the progress of the municipality.

The team building made the employees more engaged which is good for local government unit’s culture and growth. Everyone was satisfied and went home happy.