Day Care Mass Recognition was held at the Public Auditorium, Thursday, March 30, 2017 which was headed by the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer Lilibeth M. Abrenica. There are 1023 completers, 518 girls and 505 boys. The pre-schoolers are now done with their social orientation and preparation stage wherein they have learned values formation, arts and crafts, values inculcation, and story-telling. Now they’re ready to get involve on a bigger learning community. The ceremony was attended by the municipal officials, 19 child development workers and one child development teacher of 20 day care centers and the proud parents of the completers.

During Mayor Nato’s message, he mentioned on his keynote speech that parents play the most important role during the development years of a child for it is being the most critical stage wherein they’re moulding and inculcating traits they would bring with them as they grow up. He also commends the child development workers for their patience and hard work they’ve done for almost ten months. He also said that the local government of Villasis is doing its best to make the environment conducive to learning.