Electronic Business One-Stop-Shop started on January 3, 2017 and accommodates business owners. E-Business Permit and Licensing System Business One-Stop-Shop is a project of the Local Government Unit of Villasis wherein different departments and offices are gathered to cater to the needs of business owners.

With its fast process of accommodation and services, One-Stop-Shop makes the work for the constituents accessible and convenient with the objective of finishing the work within thirty minutes.

The participating offices are Municipal Treasury Office, Municipal Health Office, Municipal Engineering Office, Municipal Planning and Development Office, Villasis Bureau of Fire Protection, and Villasis Police Station.

The main concern of the project is to make the work more convenient and faster. Moreover, since the work became more accessible the business owners are now more dedicated to finish the process.

eBPLS is not just making the work efficient but also it will be easier for the business entrepreneurs to build a business in Villasis. 

There are only three easy steps in Processing a Business Permit.

  1. Evaluation of Application
  2. Assessment of taxes and fees.
  3. Payment assessed taxes/fees and release of Business Permits.

          The computerization branched to many opportunities and possibilities.

Electronic Real Property Tax System (eRPTS) is also one of the emerging effects of computerization which is implemented and being used in town. It enables to automate proper transactions, multiple tax-billing and payments and enables to archive and track the history, and has built-in thematic map.

With the use of eBPLS and eRPTS, Villasis can attract new investors and business entrepreneurs.