by: Jennilee T. Abrenica

Blessed 15.

If we have what we call “Lucky 13”, the Don Ramon E. Costales Memorial National High School – Senior High School Department coaches tagged their fifteen (15) students “Blessed 15” during the 15th National Science Quest held on February 9-11, 2018 at Teacher's Camp, Baguio City because all of them brought home numerous awards in different contests.

Here are the names and awards of the students in different contests held on the second and third day:


Science Impromptu Speaking (English) – First Place - Lance Al Francis S. Daniel

Science Impromptu Speaking(Filipino) – Third Place – Marc Lawrence O. Frias

Science and Mathematics Trail (Group) – First Place – Lyka S. Mopas &  Arabella Marie H. Pinpinio

                                                                               Catherine Angela D. Olivar & Justine Sicily A. Torralba

Sci-Writing (Filipino) – Second Place – Leopoldo Jr. R.  Dirilo

On-the-Spot Painting (Teacher Category) - Third Place – Mr. Jan Darell C. Casuncad

On-the-Spot Painting (Student Category) – Fourth Place – Raymond G. Rabara

Polynomial Damath (Grade 12) – Fourth Place – Jassem C. Sabado

Polynomial Damath (Grade 11) – Fifth Place – Clint Shane Angelo D. Olivar

Mathematics Quiz – Second Place – Lyka S. Mopas

                                    Sixth Place – Arabella Marie H. Pinpinio

Sci-Spelling Bee (Individual) – Fourth Place – Jexeen Ryna M. Cortez

                                                Fifth Place – Ian R. Yadao

                                                 Seventh Place – Minindy B. Quirona

Sci-Spelling Bee (Group) – Fifth Place – Jexeen Ryna M. Cortez, Minindy B. Quirona

                                                                        Ivan John Henri M. Nicolas & Jeremy A. Mira

Poster Making Contest – Participants - Ivan John Henri M. Nicolas & Jeremy A. Mira

The students were coached by their SHS Science teachers: Mr. Jan Darell C. Casuncad, Mrs. Jennilee T. Abrenica, Ms. Loribelle B. Ancheta, Mr. Eddie Jr. G. Barrozo, Mrs. Rogelyn S. Flores, Mr. Richard M. Natividad, and Mrs. Emelda G. Sicuan under the leadership of Dr. Rowena Lea G. Moreno, School Principal IV and Mr. Ramon V. Estrada, SHS Asst. Principal II.

The DRECMNHS SHS Team was also supported by the Municipality of Villasis headed by Mayor Nonato S. Abrenica, through financial assistance amounting to Fifteen Thousand Pesos (Php 15,000.00) for the registration of the 15 students. Other benefactors include the Sangguniang Bayan Members, Dr. Villamor Jr. O. Comilang, Dr. Gloria A. Liberato, Engr. Vida Joy Mina-Abrenica, Dr. Rose Arcalas, Ms. Maribel Ang & Mr. & Mrs. Armelita Tan.