The Local Government Unit provides Food for Work to the volunteers of cleanup drive through its Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council headed by the MDRRMC Chairman, Mayor Nato in coordination with the Punong Barangays and volunteers (CVO’s, 4Ps and drug surrenderees) who helped in the canal dredging, cleanup and clearing operations.

Food for Work is a short-term program aiming to provide a temporary employment to the economically-challenged residents and at the same time, encouraging them to cooperate and participate on community tasks.  They are employed for a day to contribute on public works such as repairing roads, clearing debris, and dredging the canals.

Food for Work Program was initiated by the MDRRMC Officer Kenneth Sison, as there were standby stuffs and groceries under the MDRRMC custody which will soon to expire, so it was packed and distributed to the volunteers instead of keeping it and letting it expire. And thanks God there was sno major calamity suffered by the Municipality.