Employees of the local government unit of Villasis held its annual “team-building” at the Pugad Adventure, Pugo La Union on June 14, 2018.

Mrs. Vivian G. Morden, SB Secretary, facilitated the team building activities. During the games, the employees were split into four groups wherein members of each group came from different departments.The “Scavenger’s Hunt” is considered to be one of the highlights of the team-building because this game requires a lot of team effort and unity. After the games, each group shared insights about the activities wherein they tackled what makes a team a team and how they were able to complete a task considering limited time and limited resources. Team building builds trust, mitigates conflict, increase collaboration within the teams and encourages effective communication, unity and team work. 

Fellowship was held at CAP John Hay on the night of June 14 where they were entertained by Live Band.

Municipal Councilor Mario Cesar Racadio also graced the two-day event and expressed his gratitude towards Mayor Nato and the LGU Family for the warm welcome every time he joins the team-building.

Mayor Nato gave a very inspiring message during the team-building wherein he said that this is what makes him happy, seeing all the employees enjoying and having a good time.

The team building made the employees more engaged with each other which is good for local government unit’s culture and growth.

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