Category A (7 years old and below)

Summer Program 2017 of Villasis Municipal Library started on May 2, 2017 attended by 86 registered participants who are 7 years old and below. The kids were given a worksheet of basic colors, shapes, counting and other fun and educational activities. They also enjoyed the story telling with Teacher Marissa Villedo’s story “Si Pagong at si Matsing”. Afterwhich, Teacher Marissa threw some questions to the kids which they answered enthusiastically. The participants were also seen to be enjoying the dance exercises which are played in between activities to keep them alert and awake. After the activities they were seen tired but still want to have more activities. They also provided with snacks for their hungry tummy.

Category B (8-11 years old)

While other kids are busy attending their summer classes, 57 kids participated in the 2-day summer program of Villasis Municipal Library. During the first day, the participants had the viewing of the History of Villasis and a bit of discussion afterwards. They also learned the steps of an upbeat dance exercise “Yo-kai”. The highlight of the first day activities is the Origami or the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese The participants were taught first how to fold the piece of papers which were precut. When they were ready, they were instructed to have their own design – a flower, animal or insect, vase, etc. Because one figure needs hundreds of folded paper, this was given as their homework.

On the next day, before they formally started with the remaining parts of the program, they were given a quiz about the History of Villasis. Rewards were given to those who topped the quiz. 

More exciting activities and numbers were in store for the participants. They continued with the paper folding. But they were asked to refrain from folding because visitors from Feliz Academy, Inc. also attended the program and had prepared a number for them. The summer class guitar pupils of said school played popular songs accompanied by their guitars. Teacher Vladimir Mohammad Meriales, School Director of Feliz Academy shared a very timely story (Mother’s Day) about the greatness and kindness of mothers who selflessly love and always prioritize her children’s happiness. They participants attentively listened to the very dynamic voice and awesome rendition of the story by Teacher Vlad.

Another guest, Coun. Nicholi Jan Louie Q. Sison, who graced the program, also shared his knowledge about Origami which originated in Japan. He taught the participants how to do the paper crane while sharing to them since the art of paper folding is a Japanese influence, crane in Japan is one of the mystical or holy creatures and is said to live for a thousand years. He told them that Origami is an artwork that requires lot of patience. The participants were able to follow the step by step instruction of Councilor Louie until they finished creating a paper crane.

They continued with their own creation of their Origami. They were grouped and each group created their own figure. Before the class ended, they were able to create a nice Origami. One group created a swan, a vase, a flower and motorcycle. These showed how creative the participants are.

Basic Computer Literacy Training

In this age of digitization, digital literacy is one of the priority programs/activities of Villasis Municipal Library. One of the activities of the Summer Program 2017 of Villasis Municipal Library is the 3-day Basic Computer Literacy Training which was attended by 39 participants from 9-14 years old. They were given a module which was discussed in the 3-day training. The module contains about the basic components and parts of the computer, the basic operations, the MSWord and MSExcel environment and the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts. After the training, they were given an activity applying all those lessons they have learned. Participants who were able to follow the instructions, meet all the requirements and create same output as the one showed after they submitted their outputs were rewarded with school supplies.