by: Merly S. Zambrano

Villasis Municipal Library successfully conducted its Summer Program 2018 with overwhelming attendance. Now on its 4th year, various activities were offered to children. In order to facilitate more organized activities, the participants were grouped into 3 classes: a) 5 years old and below; b) 6-8 years old; and c) 9-12 years old. This year, every class had unique activities which the participants actively participated.

The activities offered depend on the age, abilities, needs and interests of the participants. Participants of the first group (5 years old and below) appreciated the coloring and tracing activities, storytelling and action songs. They were also taught of the basic colors, shapes, and counting.

The second group on the other hand, enjoyed the Reading Program which is dubbed “Ilokanoak, Proud Ak”. At the beginning of the class, they were educatedwith the most commonly used Ilokano terms and phrases. After the discussion, they had a quiz and those who got the highest scores were given prizes. Games and story making activities which all involved using Ilokano terms were also conducted. These unique activities were specially designed for these age group because they will have their Mother Tongue Based subject as part of their curriculum. Moreover, the participants actively worked on their own art craft, the Do-It-Yourself photo frame using recycled materials which resulted to a very artistic and colorful output. During the 3rd day, a dance class was held.

The third group (9-12 years old) had the Basic Computer Tutorial where Fundamentals of Computer, Basic Operations and Skills were taught to the participants. They also had the art craft activities, turning a wine glass into a colorful home décor and the Do-It-Yourself photo frame. On the last day, they all enjoyed the dance class.

This year’s Summer Program was made possible by the support from the Municipal Officials and other stakeholders of the library.